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Would you like to go from this: to this:

1] We're going to take this image from georgie-henley.com. And crop it down to this 100x100 base:

2] To sharpen it, go to Adjust > Sharpness > Unsharp Mask (Not Sharpen). Set the radius to 1.00, the strength to about 40 (play with it if you have to), and the clipping to 5. Make sure the 'Luminance Only' box is unchecked.

Helpful tip: If the sharpness is too crisp, then go back to the main picture (not base). Go to Adjust > Softness > Soften (or Soften More, depending on the crispness of the picture). Then crop your base and resize it and all to 100x100. Then go back to the unsharp mask and sharpen it from there. It should, then make your base look not so crisp or partically.

3] Next, go to Adjust > Automatic Color Balance. Set the strength to 100 and the temperature to 5220, giving the icon more of a orange tint.

4] Copy and paste this gradient (#98cbde) onto your base (Ctrl + L). Set to Burn 100%.

5] Copy and paste this gradient (#25444f) on top of your burn gradient. Set to Exclusion 100%.
Looks pretty crappy, huh? Let's fix that. =]

6] Go to Layers > Merge > Merge All (Flatten) so that everything gets stacked together.

7] Then, go to Adjust > Automatic Contrast Enhancement.
Bias: Neutral
Strength: Normal
Appearance: Bold

8] Now you can add brushes and text if you'd like. I added a bunch made by me with white color. Then, I used to the text ExtraOrnamentalNo2 to give it that fantasy-lettering look and put an 'N' for Narnia. =]

And you're done!
Final result:

  • I hope this tutorial was helpful to you!

  • Note: This tutorial works better with brighter images. Dark ones will need brightness and contrast adjustments for the tutorial to work out proper.

  • Be sure to credit checkerd or teacup_icons if you decide to take the final icon.

  • If you have any questions, feel free to ask!
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